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Let’s get the most for your valuable. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

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Free Secure Pickup

To help you get the most for your valuable, it first needs to be inspected and authenticated. Shipment to us is free of charge via FedEx and is fully insured by brokers at Lloyd’s of London.

  • 1. Describe your valuable

  • 2. Schedule secure shipment

We Do All the

Your jewelry will be cleaned and photographed in HD, showing off every angle. This is followed by an objective third-party grading by industry leading experts including GIA, IGI, Central Watch and more. We then create the auction listing for you and promote it though our buyer network. Just set your reserve, and watch the offers roll in.

  • 1. Screening

  • 2. Cleaning

  • 3. Beauty shots

  • 4. Grading

  • 5. Auction listing created

  • 6. Set your reserve price

  • 7. Start your auction

Get Paid

View the trending price of your valuable and set your price. Get offers from vetted professional buyers in our marketplace, so that you can sell with trust and get more for your valuable. Shortly after the auction concludes, you will receive the final sale amount minus our commission. Our commission is always a percentage of the price your valuable was sold for. When you get more, so do we. Let the win-win begin!

  • 1. Choose payment method

  • 2. Get paid — fast

  • 3. It’s a win-win


Start by describing your valuable. Our dedicated experts use this to give you the information you need to sell smart and get more.


  • What are Worthy's fees?

  • What is "reserve price"?

  • Why should I trust your grading partners over my local jeweler's appraisal?

  • Why should I choose Worthy over eBay?

  • What if my valuables are not in perfect condition?

  • Can I back-out of the process at any time?

  • If I reject the offer will you send back my valuable?

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